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Default best (or actually worst) misheard lyrics

the jam "in the crowd" i heard "i catch falling cans of baked beans on toast" as "babies on toast"

the clash "all the young punks" i heard "but i swear as we get closer it seems more like a lump of coal" as "it seems more like a leprechaun"

elvis costello: "accidents will happen" i heard "rise up in a puff of smoke like mercury" as "marie curie" i still am not sure about this one!
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may be slightly OT with the bands listed here...

But every time Gary Numan sings the word "obsession" it sounds like "fish", even if you're listening carefully and you know it isn't... "I give life to a fish" - you what Gary??

Oh and another one of his sounds a lot more like "I want to feel your baked bean skin" than "I want to feel your pink clean skin".

(uh oh, just admitted to being a fan, *ducks*)
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Default best (or actually worst) misheard lyrics

Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit,
one verse sounds like I'm a skittle, I'm a beatle,
the actual lyric is A mosquito, my libido.
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my little 6 year old boy loves eton rifles by the jam but insists its peter rifle, even got me singing peter rifle now.
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