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As a mild fan of Adam and the Ants / Adam Ant I do collect the odd show or two. Now my theory is if its official I buy it and want others to too. Bootlegs however are something that some one has taken the time, money and effort to get. They buy the tickets for the show, record it and then put it out for other fans to get for free. However there are certain tw@ts out there that love nothing more than tyring to make a fast buck or two for these shows. I have seen many Adam Ant CD's for sale at silly prices with home made covers around on the internet. (ioffer was one site)
One was a member of the official forum, who got the gig off the site, for free to site members, and the photo for the cover (actually taken by the guy who runs the site!) and decided to make CD copies for sale at £12-£15 each!
Thats why I like it here, people who have stuff are willing to take the time and effort to share what they have with those fans who dont have.
Enjoy the 'sunshine' but share a little too!

It's polite to say 'thanks' to the uploader for their post. Talking about music is why we are here.
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