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Default Flood of Blondie Bootleg Releases

For those of you into Blondie you'll know that in the 1970s/early 1980s there were several bootlegs vinyls released... over time most serious collectrors will have picked up these for their collections. None are particularly hard to get but nice none the less

Then in 1998 after the comeback and a couple of new albums renewed interest...

However in the past year to 18 months, there has been a flood of bootls coming out of Israel and Greece... nothing new content wise just knockoffs of live shows from yesteryear... what the hell!! 35 to my knowledge in the last 18 months, compared to 15 over the past 30 years!!!!

Now people are even trying to mock up fake picture sleeves for old singles and passing them as something new.... especially for UK/US singles that never originally came with PS

Do any other groups suffer from this blatent rip off of fans and collectors?
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