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Ant Warrior 21-03-2013 12:05 PM

A guide to uploading

I thought I would do a guide to help people upload their stuff, now this is only a guide, there are many different variations on how to do this, but this way works fine for me and others too.

I am bound to think of other bits to add on later, but here goes:

1 - Have your bootleg on your hard drive, there are too many music formats to list but the main types are 'flac' or 'mp3'. With mp3 the higher the Kbps the better (128 probably the lowest you want anything lower is not good to listen to, 320 the best in mp3 format). We will call our upload 'The Orange Sunshine Band - Bootleg Stomp'.

2 - Now we need to compress the file for ease of uploading / downloading. zip or rar formats are the most common ways to do this.

3 - I will use win-zip for this one

Step 1

Open WinZip.

Step 2

Click on the New icon. A window will open displaying the folders on your disk.

Step 3

Move through the folders until you locate the folder where you want to store your compressed file.

Step 4

WinZip creates a file called an "archive." Name your archive ours will be 'orange sunshine band-bootleg'.

Step 5

Click Save. You will be returned to the WinZip main window.

Step 6

You must now add a file to the archive that you have just created. Click on Add. A window will open displaying the files and folders on your disk.

Step 7

Move through the folders until you locate the file that you want to compress. Select that file.

Step 8

In the compression menu, select the level of compression that you want. The choices may include Normal, None, Fast, Superfast and Maximum.

Step 9

Add an optional password, if desired.

Step 10

Click Add. You will return to the main WinZip menu.

Step 11

Your compressed file is now added to the archive.

Step 12

Close WinZip.

4 - Now we have the zip file ready we need to upload that onto a file storage site, again there are many, 'mediafire' 'adrive' are a couple, so I will use 'adrive' but they are done basically the same way as each other.

Step 1

Once signed in, you will be brought to your "My Files" tab. Click the "Upload Files/Directories" button to upload a file or directory. You can also click on "Create Directory" to create a directory (folder) that can contain multiple files.

Step 2

Clicking the "Upload Files/Directories" button will bring you to the Upload Tool. Follow the instructions on this page to locate files on your computer that you wish to upload to ADrive. So we are looking for our 'Orange sunshine band-bootleg' zip file. Once the upload is complete, you will be brought back to your "My Files" tab, where you can download the file or share it with others.

5 - We now have our upload ready to share, so we go to the 'new thread' button, click that and start adding all the info on 'orange sunshine band - bootleg stomp'
It's always helpful to let people know what's on the album, music format, if its audience or soundboard and anything else you think might be helpful.

6 - We now have all the info you just need to add the link from 'adrive' for the 'orange sunshine band-bootleg', once this is added submit your post and your done.

7 - All done!

Like I said its only a guide and I'm sure I will re-read and realised I could add some extra bits or two. Hope that's of some help to folk.



sistersvisions 27-01-2015 10:51 AM

Cheers for this nugget of information.

APV70 21-04-2017 06:48 PM

Cheers x

meamjon 22-04-2017 01:37 AM

Looks good, should be very helpful to Luddites :)

If anyone needs help with converting to losses compression (I use FLAC) from uncompressed let me know. I'm more of a PC person but I'll help as much as i can (for selfish reasons :P )

exDalek 05-12-2017 09:06 PM

Thanks Antwarrior I have uploaded a couple of things using this guide.
Hopefully they worked ive never uploading anything before :shysmile:

vicflange 16-03-2018 03:58 PM


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